Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March Madness Meets Fashion - Kentucky Style

In honor of the end of March Madness and Kentucky's win over Kansas last night, I'm dedicating this post to Kentucky fashion.  And what screams Kentucky fashion more than the Kentucky Derby?  For all you Kansas fans, my condolences, I was really excited about doing a Wizard of Oz style post if Kansas won...maybe next year!

I'm not sure if I would have an occasion (or the guts) to wear these derby hats in my every day life, but if I go to our local race track (Emerald Downs) or the Kentucky Derby or a Kentucky Derby theme party (hmmmm, there's an idea!) you better bet I will be donning one of these a fantastic hats.  This would make a great DIY project, for all you savvy DIY-ers.

Ladies Lillies Derby Hat - lemon yellow and a lily, so sweet and sunny.

Lady Audrey Derby Hat - a trendy take on an old fashioned style in a fun shape.

Ladies Eleanor Derby Hat - sassy!

Ladies Extravagance Derby Hat - the name says it all.

Ladies Garland Derby Hat - this reminds me of the Easter hats I wore as a little girl.

Ladies Wesley Derby Hat - simple and statement making.

Ladies Marla Derby Hat - picturing this with a head-to-toe pastel palette ensemble.

Ladies Juliet Derby Hat - so whimsical and romantic.

Ladies Daisies Derby Hat - who said bouquets belong in vases?

Laides Hedy Derby Hat - classic black satin and straw with netting to up the fancy ante.

Ladies Annalee Derby Hat - precious.

Ladies Kariss Derby Hat - a party on your head, gorgeous.

These hats make me wish I was going to the Kentucky Derby coming up May 4-5 (although I will be in Florida, so no complaints there).  If I had to choose a favorite I think I would go with the Ladies Daisies Derby Hat, I adore daisies and the hues in this hat are so vibrant.  I can almost picture myself wearing this hat, sitting among a sea of fashionable ladies in similarly striking hats, sipping a mint julep.  Adding this to my bucket list immediately.

Which of these is your favorite?  Would you wear these in your every day life or reserve them for special occasions?

Images courtesy of the Kentucky Derby Official Store.


  1. Juliet Derby Hat is my favorite for sure!

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